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I'm trying to finish wiring my 68 with deluxe hood turn signals. I've found a discrepancy in the number of clips which hold the wire to the hood.

Several people I know have 6 clips (2 on each light's studs, a push in where the wire goes into the hood, and another clip at the bottom of the hood). I've also seen another type of wire retainer between the two light assemblies (there is a factory-punched hole there, skewed a little to the passenger side). Most cars I've seen don't have anything in that hole.

What was supposed to go there? Anyone got a picture?


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Randy, I bought a A title 67 with deluxe hood and it has three clips all of them being towards the lights one right where the wire comes out of the hood and one on each side just off of the lights I know this is how the 67 was set up because this car has never been touched as far as taking it apart. John

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