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I don;t know how well known it is yet....

It's Platinum Vapour Injection. From where I live, the closest producer of it is a company in Edmonton, Alberta. What it is is a bottle (like a rad-overflow bottle) that has a platinum in solution in it. You hook it up to a vaccum-source to your engine and it releases particles of platinum into your cylinders with the fuel mixture and it's supposed to make combustion more efficient. Their (the guys in Edmonton) claim all kinds of benefits and that the Czech Republic has approved it as a Catalytic Converter (I guess it works on the same principals that the platinum in the converters).

To me it doesn't sound as far fetched as some things that are out there. I don't know the cost of the stuff yet; I was sort of curious if anyone had tried it out and how seriously I should look into it.

They're at

'69 coupe in the making
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