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I have the original 260 in my '64-1/2. Out of curiousity, I'd like a ballpark estimate of how much HP it puts out. The car has good power but isn't a fire-breather.

The engine is the original build, barely uses any oil (much less than my '94 Jeep, that's for sure). There is no compelling reason to rebuild it immediately. I am looking to upgrade the brakes, suspension first. Maybe in a year or two I'd like to install a stroker 302 with all the goodies, but it is low on the priority list right now.

Here's the specs, as put together by PO:
260 V8 - Originally rated at 165 or something like that.
Tri-Y Headers, True Dual exhaust, Flowmaster mufflers
Edelbrock 289 Performer (dual plane) intake
Edelbrock 4v 550 cfm (I think)
Electric fan
A/C belt removed.

I gave it a full tune up when I bought it. Changed oil, new distributor cap, plug wires, oil filter. Didn't change the air filter or plugs since they were practically new. The PO babied this car.

Seems to be a good, well balanced setup. The headers and 4bbl will help it breathe, but the stock heads and small displacement are likely the constraining factor. Also the fact that I'll rarely rev over 3500 (a guess since no tachometer). I don't want any high-speed emergencies until I upgrade the deathtrap 4 whl drum brakes.

Anyone care to hazard a guess?

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