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Detailing Questions

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With the long off-season coming to an end soon, I wanted to begin the process of the annual full detail before the first show. I've seen some detailers that cut foam rubber into wedge-shaped pieces for removing wax from areas like around the fender emblems.

What other little tricks have you found successful? My engine area is dusty, and I need to do all the underbody stuff, too. Is using a toothbrush for exterior detailing bad? I heard it leaves scratches!

One little tip I've learned is to put your hand in an old cotton sock and use that for tight spots, like engine walls around the motor. I also use a feather duster for dusting larger engine areas.

What are some of your favorite deatiling tricks?

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i've gotten pretty used to just spraying everything down with Meguiars Quick Detail spray and wiping down with a lint-free rag.

as far as in the crevices, i just push a rag down in there to clean out everywhere. i never get polish close enough to emblems and things to get residue there.

i also use a little duster for the engine bay.

something else I discovered recently was those 'Swiffers'. they work great at getting dust off the car and keeping it off.

another detailing trick is to use Mother's polish on the door sill plates. it'll take out any scuff marks.

getting my fastback ready for an MCA show is usually a week long event. since i drive it occasionally, it gets dirty in the wheelwells and under the front suspension.

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I find the rounded toothpicks are good to get at the crud around emblems, letters, and rubber seals. It's soft enough to break the crud, but won't scratch paint or chrome. me check your shorts! My multimeter is just a-waiting! Formerly known as Midlife in the old VMF.
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