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Anyone got a trick for removing the buffing paste used by bodyshops from all the cracks, etc? I've been doing the toothbrush and bucket of water method but the stuff isn't real water soluble - not to mention hard on the knuckles in the tight areas. I assume the same would apply to wax.

Anyone got any neat tricks or tools?

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I too hav ehad this problem. I have found that Simple Green works pretty well, but good old water, and some elbow grease also works well.

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Try using a detail brush instead of the toothbrush, it will save your knuckles. The ones I use look like a small paint brush with short black bristles. Also, it may sound strange, but you can try using more fresh liquid polish to get the old stuff off. Just make sure you get the fresh stuff off or you will end up doing it over and over.

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