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well i got an answer from the people about my seat buns. they said that the slit I am missing is no longer put in due to customers complaints that you can see the foam underneath in that slit area. I told them that that is how it comes from the factory & that that is how it has been reproduced for years & that is how you should continue to make them. the tech said that it is not noticable when the seat back is in place & it was no big deal,. I said that if the slit is made in the upholstery & not sewn up correctly to prevent further tearing, over time, the vinyl would rip. he had no answer, so anyone doing a concourse resto might want to look into tmi or another brand or get the slit added localy by an upholstery shop. that is what I have to do, of course, my seats are almost completely together so I have to find someone who will be willing to work on a partially assembled seat & sew it up by hand instead of just running it through a machine.

the first 2 black photos show what the slit looks like, on the left side of the seat. the next 2 photos ahow my seat w/no slit.
the seat is not completely assembled yet, that is why it looks loose
anyone have any ideas besides what I said about going local?
anyone done there 68-70 seats & run into this?

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