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Diagnostics reader? (Ford, but non-Mustang)

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Sorry to post a truck question on this board, but the Fordtrucks forum is pretty lethargic, and I trust you guys. I recently picked up an 89 F-250. I've never dealt with engine computer diagnostics before, and I'd like to be more self sufficient with this truck. Should I buy a fancy diagnostics reader (~$200 from JC Whitney) or a simple flashing light one (~$40)? I've heard that I can read diagnostics with a multimeter, true? Do I need to worry about trying to read that diagnostic port at all? Will that info really buy me anything? Nothings wrong with the truck yet, I just want to be prepared when it does. Any advice regarding electronic diagnostics would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Get the cheap one, make sure it has the code book with it. When I bought my "scanner" the book in the box was used a few times.....
The scanner is really just a jumper to get the codes flashing on the dash, the code book has all the info.

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Some shop manuals have code charts and instructions for how to test with a voltmeter or test light. Or you can visit this site:
Hi, go to they have forum boards over there and have a procedure for retrieving codes without the meter it is pretty cool it is like here but for ford trucks. John

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