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While troubleshooting something else, I left the ignition in the "run" position (engine not running however). Finished up and went on to something else and realized about an hour later that the key was still in the ignition. My first thought was the Pertronix has been getting juice for an hour and I don't think it can take it. A turn to the "start" position yeilded cranking but no start. (The car usually starts on the first crank) I let it all cool down for an hour and tried luck. I remember reading somehting quite awhile ago about this being a problem but I was overwhelmed with the Pertronix posts in the archives so figured I'd ask here before I try and find a place that has the parts I need tonight.
Is the Ignitor fried?
Did I damage the coil (also Pertronix) as well?
Is this enough for the dufus award???
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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