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Just playing with numbers (prior to readying the hood for paint). Going from my 289 w/Performer289 intake to:

(1) 351W block with Performer RPM intake - add 2.511" to existing height
(2) 351W block with Performer Air Gap 351 intake - add 3.461" to existing height

I'm gonna try to measure hood clearance this Sunday using clay. Am interested in what type of mill/intake I can install without changing/modifying my stock hood; I already checked with Mustangs Plus and they verified that the TCP motor mounts are the same height as stock '66 mounts.

In another idle thought, crank/rod ratios for the following are:

289 1.794
351W 1.702
393W 1.610 (Scat 393W "Outlaw" kit)

If anyone wants details, I can email them (it's in Excel97).
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