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disc brake conversion question

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does anybody know if there are any other cars that are compatible with the mustang spindles. i want to do the granada conversion but i can't find any of them. is there any other ford besides the granada, monarch, comet, versailles, and the cougar that will work. the mid 70's thunderbird has the tie rods on the back side of the spindle. will they work or is the ball joint size different? also are there any other disc brake rear ends that will work besides the versailles? how about the continetals? i only have an 8" rear so buying a kit won't help much. any help appreciated. i know how to do the swap but i am trying to find other cars that i can find. thanks
jeremy buening
1970 mustang fastback
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would you consider selling any conversions from these cars? can you get them in your area and then i have them shipped to me?
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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