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Thinking of doing conversion, but going different route. Not many Granadas
in local junkyards around here. Will the Granada rotor work on my spindles?
Will the Granada calipers bolt up to the Mustang caliper brackets? Do I need
the dust shields? What dual master cylinder should I use? What else would I
need besides the lines and propertioning valve? Sorry for all the questions.
TIA, Curtis

Well, if you have Mustang Caliper brackets, I assume you have K/H 4 piston brakes. I would just rebuild them and be done with it. If you really want Granada brakes, then I'm sure you can get someone to trade a complete Granada apackage and cash for your K/H setup.

If you have drums, then you have no caliper brackets. Granada caliper brackets will not fit '66 spindles. Thats why you do the spindle change.

I find it hard to believe that you can find no Granada setups. Try Mavericks and Lincoln Versalle (I'm sure thats spelled wrong). The Lincoln lower ball joint is different, but some adapter bushings will fix it right up.

You really don't need the splash shields, but they perform a bit of a cooling function as well.

The preferred Master Cylinder is the Maverick non-power disk/drum unit. About $25.00 from any parts store.
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