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what is the best option for converting from a non-power drum brake set up (with power steering) to a disc brake set up. Should i buy a kit, or find parts off of various other cars? if anyone has done this before and would like to spare me the anxiety of trial and error, it woud be much appreciated.

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This topic has been discussed many times over on the old forum and you could do a search on 'disc' and find hundreds of posts. Many people advocate getting the spindles, calipers and rotors from a 70s-vintage Granada along with an early 80s (IIRC) Ford pickup master cylinder and doing home-grown conversions. However, with less effort and risk, you can spend $600-$700 and get a pre-engineered kit that will install and work perfectly and is absolutely safe. IMO, that is the way to go.
Just my $.02.

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