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disc brake/power/brake

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just finished granada swap//seems to me i saw on here /cant use power brake booster was thinking of going power brakes but its not a must now that i have disc//i know u can get kits but i was thinking junkyard mustang booster off 5.0 maybe//clearance problem maybe

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Check my website for info on a Geo power brake booster set up. I used mine with the stock clutch linkage at it clears fine. It's kind of tight with the pedal pushrod but if you are careful it will fit. Any questions please e-mail me.

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You can use the Trans Am racing booster. NPD and Master power both now make a smaller booster with a dual master cyl for the 65.

I'm trying to figure out whoses is better.

Just converted my 66 convetible to dual bowl (power)...
Bought the master cylinder from NPD - 249.00 and a master cylinder from my local auto store for a 67 with power brakes. Cost was 20 bucks + 6 bucks for some reducer fittings to go to the 3/16 line and the 5/16 line. Used the existing distribution block and plugged one the rear line on it.

All in all it was a snap to install. I advertised my original booster/master cylinder here and sold it too...
Good luck and if you need any help, just ask!! There are thousands of people here who are willing to help!

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thanks all for the info///alot of these things i could possibly figure out/work out///but why?so many of you already have/boy that makes it easier///thanks again gary s....

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