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On my previous '65 FB I bought the Stainless Steel Brake Corps kit for the original Ford Mustang Brakes (4 piston Kelsey-Hayes calipers, 10.5" rotor). It was the single reservoir Master cylinder (didn't have the option of dual reservoir back in '87). It was an easy install but I had to grind a bit off the dust shields for it to clear the calipers. Had no problems with it and had less brake fade problems than drums. The stock 14" steel rims fit fine in my case but others mentioned caliper rub. The Styled Steel rims should fit no problem (14" or aftermarket 15").

Tools you will need:

Socket wrench set

breaker bar

Torque wrench


screw drivers (Phillips and flat)

open end or combo box and open end wrench set

Brake line wrench (regular open end wrench may work but usually rounds off the shoulders of the brake line fittings)

Liquid wrench or your favorite bolt loosener


Disc brake axle bearing grease

brake fluid

beer (if you drink)

drill and drill bits to mount proportioning valve

trouble light

I think that's it. The best thing about the SSBC factory disc kit is that you don't have to swap spindles - another PITA!

Good Luck!

Dean T

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1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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