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I bought a disc brake conversion from Rod & Custom Motorsports months back. I'm currently in the process of rebuilding the front suspension/brake conversion and I'm looking at the Rotors supplied with the kit. The inner and outer wheel bearings are giving me trouble. I got the outer bearing races installed in the rotor (1 piece with integrated hub) ok, just used a rubber mallet to wack them in there. The bigger races are giving me problems though. They seem like they just quite won't fit. I called Rod & Custom and the guy wasn't very helpful. He told me either they fit or they don't and that I did have the "right" bearings (the ones they sent). He was a little annoyed because I didn't know what the bearing race was (that it was called a race... hey - this is new to me!).

Should I at least be able to get it started? I mean it's very close but I don't want to start wacking on it... Is it common to have to use a hydraulic press to insert the bearing races in the hub?

Need Help.

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