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I've been trying to figure out the part numbers associated with vacuum advances (in particular, for a certain October '70 built Boss 302). The only information I've been able to find is as follows:
Dual Advance, Single Point, Screw In, 1968-Oct. 1969 C8AZ-12370
Dual Advance, Dual Point Screw In, 1968-Oct. 1969,
Dual Advance, Dual Point, Press In, Nov. 1969-July 1970 D0ZZ-12370-?
Dual Advance, Dual Point, Cast In, July 1970-71, D1ZZ-12370-?

1) Does anybody know the extension letters for a Boss 302?
2) The 2 D1ZZ units I've looked at had no numbers. Were they all this way? How do you tell them apart?

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