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I'm looking for a complete set of 67 shelby Magstar rims. original or repop in restored/new condition. And a good used set of 67 deluxe door panels-black. Will trade one set of date coded matched BJ/BK GT500 carbs and C7ZX intake Nice rare setup. Let's do some tradin!

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i seen a add in mustang-ford mag, from mustang unlimited in
Lanceville Ga; , called and said they should be getting soon, 350 each,but the 69-70 are only 220 each( what up with that)
i got some 7-8 years ago from paradise wheels out of calif. not remember # or town , but they were only 225 each, as i recall
they were the ones that made them, i aslo found out paradice wheels is a member of SCCA if this helps
maybe you can call that 1-800 -411-1111 to get #
good luck,
I never used mine , sold a few months ago, have 4 spped trans in shop as we speek.
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