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do they make longer pushrods?

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Hey there,
I have a '66 with a 200 cid. I have just recently rebuilt the engine and the pushrods seem a little short. The lifters and the cam match the stock stuff I replaced. I have adjustable rocker arms and to get the pushrods close to sung I have the rocker adjustment all the way down. I don't recall exactly what the length is but I would be willing to bet if they make two lengths of the pushrods they will be the shorter ones.
The rocker assyembly is not the same assymebley that came off the old motor. I bought the asyembly and the pushrods off of another guy.
thank you for your help

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2 types of push rods for the 200
1 for non adjustable rockers
1 for adjustable rockers
For the non adjustable type you can get different lengths.
Has the motor been started or are you doing the assembly?
If this is assembly you must prime(fill) the lifters with oil before you install them or they will collapse when you do the initial adjustment.

Greg B
Yes, I have the engine running. I have got about 300 miles on the engine to this point. what is a collapsed lifter?
I have a feeling I have something connected to that. when I start the engine it rattles but within a second or so when the oil pressure is up the rattles go away. (i think when oil gets to the area the rattle stops.) is this consistant with a collapsed lifter? is there a visual way to check the lifter if I remove it?
thanks for the help
If the lifters are not oil filled, then adjust the rocker arm until you feel no movement up and down ( do not try for rotational snugness) then turn 1/2 to 3/4 of a turn further on the adjuster. When you start up the engine and it is warm then you can re-adjust using the twist between your fingers method.

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just testing my little pictures
Yo ucan buy pushrods in any length you need. Its always a good idea to use a pushrod length checker to determine exactly what is correct. You have to remember, different valves have diferent retainer locations, millingthe head or the block will shortent he pushrod, lots of variables going on...
Ok I now have two additional questions, where can I get the pushrods and how do i check the length that I need. I know that the need to be about 1/2 inch longer than they are now. thanks
Check in Summitt or Jegs or P.A.W. I typically use Comp Cams stuff because they offer so many combinations. You can also call Comp Cams tech line for help with it. And all of them should have pushrod length checkers...or you can make one with an old pushrod sawn in half and a piece of 1/8" all-thread. But I'd be WAY surprised if you needed anything a full .500" different. 302-351 pushrods aren't that much different...

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You don't/shouldn't need longer pushrods. There would be no reason that they are too short unless you have some kind of spacer under your cylinder head or you have a 250 block and are running 200 pushrods...

Something is wrong with your lifters. I'd replace them ASAP.


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hey there inliner,
ok so what could have happend to the lifters? what should I watch out for if I put new ones in? thanks for any help.
Hey there, I just pulled of the valve cover again and started looking at things, I have noticed that some of the pushrods are spinning while others are not. is this a bad thing? thanks
and do you have any Ideas?
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