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Do you check the wheater forecast before driving ?

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Well, I do ! You might call me crazy but every time I take the Mustang out I check the wheater first. This morning they were wrong again ! Grrrrr.....
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Nope .. I just look out the windshield /forums/images/icons/wink.gif.

I built my car to drive, and I drive it every day, rain or shine.
In the 2 1/2 years I've had mine I've put 500 miles on it so yes I do! Mine is a un-restored show car, looks as good as it did in 1965. I won't even drive it to MCA shows since they let my class be trailered... BTW just turned over 74,000 original miles /forums/images/icons/smile.gif
My car has the uncanny ability to create rain. All I have to do is pull it out of the garage and I can guarantee rain. The other day, there wasn't a cloud in the sky when I went out for about 40 minutes. About 2 miles from home, the bottom dropped out.

Go figure.

J. Boggs

I usually store the car in Winter and start driving it in April. It's not so much the getting wet thing as the concern for other drivers. Rain increases the chances for accidents. During Spring and Summer I drive it almost every day. Even to work. Storing during Winter keeps the mileage and insurance costs down.
Not only do I do that, I also know the watering schedule for the city streets. I change the route to not drive through the puddles.
You bet I do. I want to be the one that decides when the car gets wet and it only gets wet when bath time rolls around.
Yes. It is not so much the rain that I care about, water is not going to hurt it. It's the fact that I have a 1+ mile drive on a dirt (not gravel) road to get home. My car is very clean, I don't want to deal with the mud everywhere. On average, I drive it 3 days a week from April to October.

I look forward to the day I move South and kiss the salt and mud goodbye.
I check the weather before work, but only because I fly around in a helicopter all day. I usually check the weather as I get ready to go, stop by the stang in the driveway, and say this would be a nice day to spend a few hours working on you, but it is off to work I go!
Hi Erwin,

As I know your car from shows, I must say that it looks very good. Currently you still beat me in the engine compartment (I do envy that engine and compartment), but for the rest I think I'm on an equal level.... (I refuse to do anything about the appearence of the engine as it is currently messy, but totally original. When it breaks, that's my cue)

Still, I believe cars are made to be driven, so I drive my car every day trough rain, shine, snow, hail, lightning, salt, anything really. In my opinion a Mustang is built strong enough to withstand the abuse.

I agree that in a rainy country such as the Netherlands additional rust proofing is extremely important, but still.... My car has seen plenty of all of the above (it's outside 24 hrs a day anyway) and as long as it gets it's weekly washing, it doesn't show in any area of the car.

So I guess I'm saying....stop being so paranoid about the Dutch weather...your car will survive just fine (unless you didn't rust proof it). Instead of getting all worked up by the sudden bad weather, enjoy the car. It's still great, rain or shine!

If it's the increased chance of accidents happening that bothers you, then just keep your distance and always show what you are about to do. Personally I don't really believe it's the rain that increases your chanses on having an accident, it's the fact that modern car drivers don't pay enough attention to what is goin on and don't adjust their driving to the situation.

PS. Where was that sig pic taken?
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I must admit, I do, however being in sunny calif, once we get into about April not too many worries.
I always check the weather before I go out. Since I don't wash my car, or get it wet for that matter, it just makes sense (I know it's nuts). Mark
Absolutely. If it looks like rain I drive my truck. Unfortunately in Seattle area that means I don't drive my stang for a good portion of the year. However, I'll drive it top down in 40 degree weather in January if it doesn't look like rain. Have had a good year so far.
lifes too short too worry about rain i worry more on when can i get time to drive my mustang.regards javed
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