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do you like this as much?

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i don't think that i like this site as much as the old one. this one is to busy. it almost seems that its not just mustangs anymore. i liked the simpler old website howbout you? I guess i'll get used to this one and learn to like it.
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I think it will slow down once the newness wears that toy you got as a kid...played with it everyday...until it got old and you threw it into the toy box never to be seen again or gave it to the dog to chew on....hehe

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I felt the same way when I switched, I was brand new on the old forum and I quickly got comfortable there.
Doesn't take long to get comfortable here.
The old site seems dull now.

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Sounds like my post from yesterday *LOL*. It seems better today with more Mustang stuff. I come here for the Mustang stuff. To me, the only things wrong with the old system was the speed and the search feature. Sometimes less is more.

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I really like the new forum. Its kind of like a new paint job, but still needs to be buffed out. Just wait for the shine when its all said and done :)

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Since I'm on a dial up connection I found all of the pictures and BS really slowing things down so I set my preferences to have the preview page on and have the posts shown in threaded mode. That way you get the post at the top of the page with the links to the replies underneath. Sounds like the old forum, right? Plus I only get taxed downloading the pictures on the replies that I read.

Now the speed is similar to that of the old "slow" forum but that's OK I didn't find the speed there unbearable.
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