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All the 3M stuff I've seen is tan, not black like the factory stuff on my car. And it also seems to get hard, as in brittle.
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I asked my dad about this the other day. (He works at Dearborn Assembly in charge of water leak and wind noise testing) I asked if he could "aquire" some factory sealer. It turns out they apply it all by robot from drums now. He said the best thing off-the-shelf was black urethane roof sealer from Lowe's or Home Depot. It should be available in tube or and small bucket.

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Boy am I glad to hear you say that. On another mustanger's advice I used some seam sealer from Home Depot that is designed for sealing gutters. Messy black stuff, but it'll do and cost was less (+ no shipping cost or wait) than Eastwoods. Dickson

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