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The guy at the body shop told me he had some major problems with the c4 as he was moving the car (car wouldnt shift into gear right, wouldnt downshift smoothly etc) i know its not a good explanation of what it was like but thats what he told me. I really only drove the car a couple times before i started stripping it, and the only problem i had was when it downshifted it wasnt smooth like the other guy said. The problems really started when the body shop guy got his hands on it (makes you wonder right?). Anyways its sitting in the garage and the trans is leaking through the pan, im anxious to get it out and drive it around to see if the problem was caused by just sitting for a looong time. Do you guys think the trans needs a rebuild or can i remedy this myself??

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First off, warm up the car and pull the trans dipstick....

Tell us what the level reads and what the color and smell are like....

It's possible the trans is just low on fluid...

If you have to pull the pan to replace the gasket, take a look at the inside bottom of the pan....note any debris and describe it to us.

If the trans isn't damaged or worn out, you could put a shift kit in the valve body (or have a shop do it) and button it back up....
Sometimes cleaning the valve body fixes a lot of ills...

Let us know what you find....good luck!


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i have wrote to others about this. My C4 was working fine until i decided to put a shift kit in it. I blew the bands and the rebuid cost me $1000. Works well now. Good Luck
PS. If it does end up needing a rebuild, wouldnt a NEW tranny be worth it? Food for thought

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Ive been thinking about a new AOD trans instead of the c4. . .but of course theyre expensive. The guy at local speed shop says to go to a junkyard and get one cheap, but im not in the mood do search for hours to find something that MAY work. So if it does need a rebuild i would think about a new one
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