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Does this car excite anyone else? As much as me ,

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Item # 1835640246 at the auction place.
Sorry I can't give you a direct link.
Wish it was mine. SWMBO refuses to allow me to bid! Mumbeled something about a new Marauder I ordered and hung up the phone.
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Thats the kinda Mustang you should bow down and PRAY to!

It excites the heck out of me. Now where the heck am I going to find the 100K or so it will take to win it?

Very nice car. Did you notice that the air pump belt was missing.
The car is nice, but I REALY like the garage! /forums/images/icons/wink.gif
That is exactly what I was thinking...
SWMBO e-mailed me that auction yesterday (she sits next to a Mustang fanatic at work and he was drooling over it.) Very sweet, but I'd have a tough time keeping it clean with the constant roasting of the tires /forums/images/icons/smile.gif
Schweet !!!!! That undercarriage - Laurie's gonna have a fit !

I too can't figure out whether I wanted the car or garage more......Thanks, I'll take 'em both..../forums/images/icons/wink.gif Dickson
Nicest garage I have ever seen! Interesting that the extreme level of detail that that it was missing the air pump belt. It was cleaning than most new cars still on the lot.
This is the 2nd car this guy has sold in the last couple of weeks, at least the pictures were taken in the same garage! The other car was a 69 Convertible, red with a white top. He seems to deal in some pretty cherry cars...
if i win the lottery i would buy it its a stunner.regards javed
Sigh. Now when I get under my car this weekend and look at the undercarriage, I'm gonna get discouraged and give up. /forums/images/icons/frown.gif
Yes, yes it does.
Naw not me...... wait.... what's this?????? Oooops I made a booboo. The only people it doesn't excite are the dead! Ya ought to drive one!!! BTW My bro in law just hit the Ford dealer to get the new Merc... hope he lets me step it up & drag it a little !!!!!!!!!!
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My goodness, the floor in my kitchen doesn't look that clean. I feel a little sick to my stomache. I think I'll go lay down now. Thanks for sharing.
/forums/images/icons/smile.gif Perv!!
I could never own that car... there's no place for the drool bucket I would have to carry around for myself and those that couldn't help them selves.

What the heck - I'd buy that in a heart beat if money were not a major obstacle.

And for the garage - It can't be real, can it? If mine looked like that, I think my wife would allow me to do anything - I mean ANYTHING!! This guy is making the rest of us look bad.
Good for him! I've been noticing the increase in ads for the Marauder....I can't wait!
I hope my anticipation does not exceed it's performance.
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