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Does this look like the right Pedal?

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I'm in search of a PDB Pedal to finish off my brake upgrade on the 67, as this is the last part I need.

Is this a Power brake pedal, or a standard Disk brake pedal for a 67?
Also will a PDB pedal work with my standard brake pedal support? Thanks!
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That looks like a power disc brake pedal for a standard tranny (notice the short pedal surface). Do you have an automatic or standard?

Either way the second part to your question, the same bracket is used for all 4 pedals. The Power mount to the very top hole and standard mount to the bottom hole.
Yes sir, that IS the correct pedal for power brakes. The power brake pedal is longer that is the manual brake pedal, and therefore mounts in the upper hole. Yes sir, it will work in your existing clutch/brake pedal support bracket, as long as it has the upper hole for the pivot point/bolt.
Hey Guys,

I know this is a pedal for disk brakes and a manual tranny. Actually from what I've heard, there is no difference between a disk brake and standard brake pedal. The difference is between a Power brake and standard brake pedal. So if this is a power brake pedal, how are you able to tell the difference. I understand the power brake pedal is longer, but by looking at this pedal solely by itself, how can you tell it's a power brake pedal?

I can tell by the difference in the length between the large pin where the brake rod goes, and the pivot point. A manual brake pedal this distance is approximately two inches or so. The power brake is 5 or so inches. Also, if you look at the upper end of the pedal in your picture, it has about a 5/16 inch hole in it, if the bushings are in there. The manual brake pedal is approximately 5/8" because the clutch pedal pin goes through it.
Thank you,

I've never had two side by side to compare, I just checked my standard one, and see exactly what your talking about.

Excellent info! Thanks
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