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Dofus? gotta be more careful with that engine.

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Okay, an ounce of preventure is worth a pound of cure, right? I had my 351W on the stand apart with the heads off and was working on cleaning things up and putting it back together. then I had to leave down for a week unexpectedly and didn't have time to cover things up. When I came back, I had some light surface rust down in the cylinders and on the surface between the block and where the heads go.

So my question is: how screwed am I? Am I going to need to have this thing machined and overbored now, or can I scotchbright the surface rust off or something?

Thanks for your help. My knowledge of mechanics is a lot like my car... a work in progress.

1967 coupe with vinyl top. 351W engine with C-4. Work in progress.
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Next time, coat it with white lube, or at least motor oil. I'd hone the cylinders, and use a #0000 steel wool on the mating surface.
'67 Coupe project car (Did I say project car? I meant pile of rust)
it'll be a hone through it (not too much) or just some steel wool. Be sure to wash that thing out very thoroghly and then coat it with WD40 or somthing...

1970 Fastback, 4V 351C, various colors with black interior
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