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Doofus Award Candidate?

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The Rally-Pac clock in the Hi-Po seemed to be losing time. It's a quartz conversion and it seemed unlikely that should happen. Climbed in the other day, and the clock had stopped. Well that was really weird. What the devil was happening? Closed the door, drove on down the street, and just happened to glanced at the clock. Yep, you guessed it, the dumb thing was now working. Hmmmm! Got back to the house, opened the door and just accidently saw the clock stop at the same time. My, my. Seems every time either door is opened the clock stops, but the interior lights work just fine. Car has been on the road a year now, and I'm just now discovering this? Wonder what else I've missed and more importantly, in what dumb way do I have that raggedy clock hooked up?

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