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Doofus Award

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Just what does that term mean? It is now on the new shirts and I have 2 on order. Do I want my daughter or myself wearing that out in public? I have seen the term used here referring to stupid moves and such. Maybe that is why it was put on the shirts we are buying?
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If anyone asks, it's listed on the shirt due to the fact that you are "certified" to award the most desirable "Doofus" award to those you may come into contact with who would seem to rate such a great thing.

To the rest of us in the know, it means that you, by virtue of this wonderful past time that we are all involved in, are undoubtedly qualified to own the award for some prior errors in

Dang! Just when I got used to being "strange", I became a "newbie", then a "tire-kicker". Now I'm a "beginner"?.....hmmmmmm...where do I start?
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