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Doofus Award

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Just what does that term mean? It is now on the new shirts and I have 2 on order. Do I want my daughter or myself wearing that out in public? I have seen the term used here referring to stupid moves and such. Maybe that is why it was put on the shirts we are buying?
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I read the explanation Bob (our esteemed forum host) and others have written, pro and con, regarding the new shirts, but I'm not buying for the same reason a lot of others objected. I have two of the original shirts Mike Neilson had made for us, but I don't like the association on the new version between the VMF and what "doofus" implies. Don't get me wrong, I've claimed the doofus award on a few occasions and probably could lay claim to it every week for one reason or another, but I don't plan to promote the notion that the VMF is about being a doofus. This is a great forum and the doofus reference on the shirt detracts from it, IMHO.

I agree with Laurie. I'll wear the original shirt proudly, but not the latest version.

EdK (Ed Kennedy on old forum)
'66 Coupe, '94 GT Convertible, 2000 Explorer XLT
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