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For the 2½ years I've driven the Mustang since it's restoration, I've alway driven it's auto. transmission in the first drive position below Neutral, like today's normal cars. During yesterday's session at the shop, the guy said the 2nd position down from Neutral (green dot) is the normal driving position (1st - 2nd - 3rd), and the position I've been using is for traction in slippery conditions (2nd - 3rd). Uh, really? /forums/images/icons/blush.gif

Sure enough, driving home I tried it, and guess what? I have a 1st gear! Crisper acceleration, too. Duh. Why didn't one of you guys tell me this??? guys are slipping. /forums/images/icons/wink.gif

By the way, the air cleaner, shift bezel, and other touch-ups came out great! Ready for Knott's, and I'll be sure to use all 3 gears on the way there....

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Don't feel too bad, before I restoredthe 66, I drove it for several months without understanding that "green dot" thing. Once I discovered that silly dot, tread seemed to burn off those back tires a little quicker!

This subject has been discussed a number of times on the old forum. That's how I was set straight. I'm glad you brought it up again. Probably should be brought up on the new forum every couple months for all the newbies with 65/66 C4's.

2 1/2 years in "white dot" huh? Yeah, I guess that gets you the award!

66 Coupe, check her out at

"Imagination is more important than knowledge. It is a miracle that curiosity survives formal education" - Albert Einstein

kinda like finding a $20 bill you for got about huh?

I used to own a 65 fb mustang, and I loved it. I realized that 4 wheeling in the backcountry sounded like fun, and I had to sell the fb to get the bronco. Despite all that the VMF is soooo good I just cant leave.

Maybe by giving you the Doofus award, a lot of us will feel better! I did the exact same thing the first summer I owned my '66. Then I wised up and bought a reprint of the glove box manual that came with the car. And what do you know? I should have the shift indicator next to the green dot! My wife wishes I never would have found that out - tires seemed to last longer before.

I also learned how to start the car cold, hot, and if flooded (you know, the nice diagrams of what to do with the accelerator pedal?). I don't always agree with the advice on those pages, but they helped some.

The green dot info, though, is right on.

Doofus as well,


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Same here, drove my 65 GT around for about a week before discovering on my own that the bottom position gave me first gear. I don't think the Green Dot C4 was one of Ford's better ideas.

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It really is listed in the owners manual. I'm not prone to reading instructions often. Regardless, I wont have to worry about burning off treads, my car is up on stands with no wheels : o)

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Driving in green dot was probably one of the very first things I ever learned. I was enamored by dad's '65 fastback when I was just a tyke and grew up knowing that the shifter gets put between white dot and L. He bought it in 1966 and I didn't come along until 1967 so that tells you how long I've been around the car. It's still in the family today.

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So Steve did you buy the Canadian 79 Pacer?
I'd love to see a photo of them together if you did.
Our new garage should be finished by summer. Then after the summer show season my Indy will begin restoration.
Picked up my INDY 64 plates from DMV a couple of days ago. The other local 64 Pacer will be finished soon and I wanted those plates before they snagged 'em.
Plan to put a few miles on it over the summer just so we can bond.
Have fun at Knotts.

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I took a mustang I owned into a repair shop, and the guy said he loved those green-dot tranny's. I had no idea what he was talking about, but tried to play it cool.
Asked him what he thought was so special about it, and he told me the same story you just related.
I tried the green dot on the way home, and was very impressed. Didn't need a rebuild after all!!!

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