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Door Alignment Woes - The Final Chapter

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Well, I finally succeeded in getting my passenger door aligned. For those of you that missed my previous posts,
What I did to cause all my problems was:

1) I removed my hinges without marking the body and the door.

2) After I removed my hinges, I sanded and painted the body and door, thus removing any possible marks that could be used to realign.

3) The biggest mistake that I made was not asking this forum what to do before I took off my hinges.

I really appreciate all of the responses that I got. Without your help I would probably be posting a for sale sign in the classified.

One more question: Any Suggestions for fixing paint chips? (We all know how the chips occurred) LOL

Thanks Again,
Mike Boyle

My car is a Winter Blue 1969 convertible with black standard interior. It has an original (untouched) 302 2V C4 with ~53,000 miles on it.

1994 F150 Extended Cab 4x4
2000 Taurus
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To fix the paint chips, get a book of matches. Use the non-lighting end to take a drop of paint and touch it to the chip area, then use the match end to smooth it in.

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