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Door dings and agrivation...

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I know it happens all the time, and there's nothing we can do about it, but today, I got a bad door ding in my convertible.

When my wife and I got in our car at the mall (it was parked in the back 40), my wife noticed a paint chip/small dent in our door. On the piece of crap 83 Buick rust bucket next to our car was a corresponding vintage burgandy paint chip on his door. We left him a note thanking him for his considerate nature.

That is so frustrating. That door was a perfect Ford door; not anymore.

I just had to vent my frustrations.
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many a year ago, I purchased a product called "Ding-Wings" from Beverly Hills Motoring Accessories. They are basically door pillows with magnets inside to hold them on, covering the entire door. You might try them, they have worked well for me!

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Thats why you keep a tire iron in the trunk! This way he has to replace his windshield and will start to THINK a little when getting out of his car. People like this just piss me off!

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I share your pain. I still remember a similar thing happening to me some 20+ years ago, the day I brought my car home from the paint shop after a total repaint...and the a$$hole was the guy in the next apartment. Though your paint was damaged in this instance, if you find a dimple in the future where the paint is unbroken, the paintless dent removal technique works. I used a local guy doing business as "Dent Pros" to remove a 4" long crease in the door of my 911. When he was done you couldn't tell there was ever a belmish on that door...and it only cost $75.00. This was a much better alternative to trying to match metallic paint after a conventional repair.

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Thats happened to me a few times. One time the dumass did it while I was in my car, so while he was still there I got out, walked around to his side of the car and opened my door as hard as I could into his! Funny thing was he didn't have much to say as I stood there waiting for him to say something. He just left. Although if you have a nice car, don't do that!

One other time I came out to find a huge red patch of paint on my door. Noticing it was the same red as the car next to me, I ran my key up and down both sides of his car. Here's the part I feel bad about, when I got home I polished the other paint off and you couldn't tell it was ever there. Maybe the other party learned there lesson anyway.

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Sorry to hear about the door, some people have no respect. I love your car, Vintage Burgundy is my favorite color on an early conv. I can't wait to get mine back together, washed and shined for some good pics.

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