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Door Glass

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Ok Guys, I give.... I've been looking and looking for old posts in the old forum about this and I can't seem to find anything.

How do I get the glass out of my doors? Anything would help...


BTW: Kudos to Bob for shutting down the old forum, with as few posts that were going up, and all of the nonsense going on, it needed to be laid to rest. Aside from that everyone seems to have handled the migration well. was looking for a restoration of fantasy. I do not want my car to be as it was in 1967. I want it to be as I imagined it in 1967. -John Baird
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I did that six times this weekend while putting in my doorlocks. But mine is '66 and I am not that familiar with '67, although I would imagine they are very similar.

I suggest you get yourself a '67 shop manual. I also believe I found some very good pics in Mustang Monthly "How-To's" (past issues).

What's holding them in there are two scissor rollers and a couple of stops (and complexity of design), although I know it seems as though there must be much more.

REMEMBER: this is for '66

I first removed my beltline felt, being VERY careful not to damage the sheetmetal it attaches to. Repop felts are difficult enough to fit to a perfect surface. You may be able to remove the window out of the back slot (with the rubber seal in the doorjamb - 4 screws, must be removed) without removing the felt, I was not, besides, replacing the felt was part of the project for me. There is a stopper in front and an allen bolt stopper at the very rear that must be loosened and moved out of the way. I also had to loosen my vent window frame (not the adjusting allen bolts, just the regular 1/2" bolts holding the frame, to scoot it forward so the window would clear the vent window channel top seal.

With all that out of the way, I simply lifted the window out the top of the slot. (in a pig's eye: nothing is that simple. I had to wiggle and cajole it, and you need three hands, two on top and one underneath and I was alone, and my hands were all slippery from the roller channel grease). Not to mention that it was 80 degrees in California yesterday and I had a 20,000 watt halogen lamp burning in my eyes, and I was sweating buckets.

Good luck...

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In addition to the previous post,

I believe the '67s have the regulator scissors assembly integrated with the window regulator unlike the '65-'66s which are two separate PITA items. I'mnot sure if the rollers on the '67 scissors assembly are removable but if they are, you can pull the clips from them and then pull the scissors assy away from the glass so you can pull it out.

If you still have the willies I recommend getting a '67 Mustang Ford shop manual.

Good luck!

Dean T

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Thanks very much. was looking for a restoration of fantasy. I do not want my car to be as it was in 1967. I want it to be as I imagined it in 1967. -John Baird
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