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Door hinges (again)

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The rollers on my '69 door hinges are flat spotted. I see plenty of hinge kits with new pins and bushings but I haven't seen the little serrated rollers. Is there any way to thoroughly rebuild the stock hinges or must I drop $100 for new ones?
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I don't have an answer to your question, but was wondering if you could help me. I have a 70 Coupe and will be needing to replace my pins and bushings. I will also need to take the existing door off and replace it with another. Can you tell me if I will be able to remove the door from the hinge without removing the fender?

Thanks, Tom
It can be done but you need to be very careful. Some of the parts trucks like matco or mac have a custom bent wrench that will get to the bolts or you cuold try it with a 1/4" drive extension wrapped with tape or cloth so if it rubs against the door it won't damage it. It is recomended to have two people to do this.
Sorry, I didn't notice your post until today. Yes it can very easily be done...especially since you are going to replace the door itself. Just open the door and take the door off the hinges first. It is good to have two people but I've done this all by myself by loosening the top bolt on the upper hinge last and then loosening it with one hand while supporting the door with the other (but my doors were completely gutted at the time so they didn't weigh much.). Alternatively you could use a jack with a towel folded over it or a proper size block of something to support the door. With the door removed you will have ample access to the hinge to body fasteners...And, could probably replace the pins/bushings with the hinge still on the car. If you remove the hinges from the body it may be good to place some careful marks around it so that it can be reinstalled in its original position after you restore it. Just take a good look at everything with the door open and it should be pretty clear the best way to go about things.
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On another note.... if you have the fenders off... and your going to restore the doors...would you suggest just taking the hinges off the doors or take them off the body.... thinking as far "ease" of getting everything lined up again?

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I don't think that it's that hard to realign the doors if the hinges are completely removed...but if you're not going to be painting or rustproofing under the hinges, why go through the hassle? If you're just going to do the doors then I would take the hinges off the doors. I recently did my doors and there was some surface rust under the hinges and in the nut plates inside the door. So if you're doing the doors I would definitely take the hinges off the doors. I just did this on my '69 a couple months ago (left the hinges attached to the body, removed them from the door) and it was very easy to get everything back together and lined up.
Thanks for the help. Good luck with your project.
I'll check that out. Thanks for the help!
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