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Door Switch Function

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Had a viper security system put in last year. Now neither door switch works, thereby disabling the door security, and the interior lights do not come on at all (door open nor via headlight switch).

Where do I start?
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Start Wiggling, The wires that is...
Probably a loose connection somewhere, I took apart my dash a few weeks ago and i was Takeing the wires off my gauges and all of a sudden Two lights under my dash came on, I didn't know they were even there, they never worked before but now they work fine. I guess i fixed the loose connection. Then I realilized i should disconect the battery before i fried somthing.

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Check the fuse first. It's the one marked "Dome". Also check the fuse connectors, as they can get corroded.


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Check for power to the door switches and out from the headlamp switch post when the interior light is selected.
Hey red66, do you have a wiring diagram for you '66? It'll help in you troubleshooting. Dallas Mustang has them for about $6.

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