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1966 coupe and 1970 sportsroof
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The future of your suspension is here!

We worked with Bilstein for 2 years on these awesome double adjustable shocks. Available as an upgrade to our front and rear coilover systems.

Here's the real beauty behind these shocks. Set the rebound and compression at #1 and you have our Street valving, set both at #5 and you have our Sport valving, both at #10 and you have our Race valving! Feel free to play anywhere in between to tune the ride how YOU want.

You really do get what you pay for and we have shock dyno sheets to prove it. Unlike other systems with cheap, 'gimicky' adjustable shocks, our shocks are built as matched pairs. What this means is that if you set both shocks the same, they will read the same. You don't get this level of precision with cheap 'adjustable' shocks. We can offer you bragging rights AND a balanced chassis.

All this awesomeness is packaged into an upgraded shock body. This all aluminum shock body w/spring is 1.6lbs lighter than our steel bodied Bilstein shock assembly and features ride height adjustment threads on the body instead of a separate sleeve. The aluminum body will lower un-sprung weight and shed heat quicker for longer lasting high performance.

Visit our website for more information and pricing - Street or Track LLC
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