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I had the same experience just two weeks ago. Our store just finished our going out of business sale, with 7 core employees that managed the holiday season and final sale. Two days after the store closed for good, one of our friends hanged himself. It wasn't just about the store, he had been offered another job, but they continued to look into his resume and found some inconsistencies. Rather than face it and work through it (they still wanted to hire him), he just killed himself. Left behind a wife and 2 year old daughter. Really impacted my six year old, as she had been at work with me the day before because of a snow day, and we spent about a half hour chatting with him about my impending road trip and his weekend, etc. I just don't understand. I had some pretty rough times a few years back (don't we all?), but only had to look at my little girl to know that my problems were not the most important thing...they tend to pass. How anyone could leave a family like that....

Thanks for the opportunity to vent a little myself. dark side.jpg
21 - 21 of 21 Posts
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