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Driveshaft safety loops

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After looking at that post earlier where the front u-joint let go on a guys car I was curious to see if any of you guys have put on a saftey loop, the cheaper variety that somehow mounts using the front seat belt bolts or something. I have seen them pretty cheap in a Mustang mail-order parts catalogue. Are they any good? How exactly do they install?

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There isn't much to them. They have holes that slide over the seat belt mounting holes (which protrude under the car). Then, nuts are installed on the bolts to hold the safety loop up. They probably aren't the best ones out there by any means, but it should definitely be sufficient to avoid damage.

Ideally the loop should be mounted closer to the front of the driveshaft but the loop that we and everyone else sells is a convienient way to add a piece of mind without going to the extremes of having to drill or weld a new mount.

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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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