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Engine: 289 with Edelbrock Performer intake, high output 130A alternator(practically new), and performance plugs and plug wires(only on the car 11 miles before it was wrecked). The engine only had about 6000 miles on a rebuild. This does no include carb. I have a carter 750cfm electric choke carburetor that will fit this manifold nicely. $800 for the enigine and $65 for the carb if you buy the engine.

Carburetor: Carter 750cfm electric choke, works great. $110

Transmission: C4 automatic 3 speed. Approximately 4000 miles on rebuild which was done by Dallas Mustang in Dallas, Tx. $350

Rear end(axle): 8in., 2.73:1 gears which are good for highway cars and daily drivers because they help with gas mileage. Work great and comes with brake drums and hubs. $325

Driveline: Good condition works great and comes with u-joints. $35
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