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1966 coupe and 1970 sportsroof
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This car is SO much fun to drive. So easy to drive fast, so balanced. Street or Track Race valved front coilover, Street or Track front/rear brakes. 302 with AFR heads and a T5 transmission. Leaf springs and Bilstein shocks in the rear.

I've known Lance for nearly 20 years and he's had this car for over 30! He graciously lets me tear it up on track!

Click the YouTube image to see one session from Sunday:

I flew out to SFO Thursday, took the BART through downtown where Lance joined me and we rode the train chatting non-stop out to his stop. Had a wonderful dinner with Lance and his family, then Friday we drove to the track:

Twins? We never used to look alike but each time I see Lance we look more alike!

We get to the track, check in, setup our space, swap tires and start prepping cars:

Saturday morning cannot come quick enough but eventually it does. Lance is taking the first 20 minute run, I'm taking the very next run group so the plan was he was going to come in on the cool down lap and we were going to do a quick driver change in hot pits and off I'd go. I'm standing there all suited and booted when Lance comes in early. Crap, this cannot be good. The crank pulley decided to leave the car at turn 6! No power steering, no turning of the water pump. Car overheated. Apparently the crank pulley was in a hurry to not be part of the car. Someone perhaps forgot to tighten it or use red Loctite (mentioning no names but it wasn't me!) We thought our weekend was ruined. No spares and no way of getting one. Luckily the track officials let us walk the turns we thought we lost it during the track lunch break. Amazingly one of our buddies found it in the run off area some 150-200 feet off the track! A quick going over with a file, a new bolt and this time, Loctite and we had her back running for the last 2 sessions of the day!

My buddy Dave (Lance's brother in law) who now owns one of the original Street or Track test cars pitted with us and flogged the car for 2 days straight. I got to drive one session. It has LOTS of power and LOTS of grip! Fun ride for sure. Thanks Dave!

Here's the motley crew. From left to right, Dave, Shaun, Lance.

After a long day driving on track Sunday we packed up and drove the 2hrs back to Lance's. A quick stop at In N Out Burger for dinner! Lance dropped me off at BART Monday and I headed to the airport for the flight home. Made it home exhausted but back to work on the Tuesday!

Until next time Lance, thanks buddy!
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