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Drum->Disc w/o spindle swap

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Is there any conversion out there were you dont have to swap the spindles. I know SSBC and Baer and all those make them, but i meant something along the lines of something at the local picknpull. The only swaps i've heard of are the versailles/cougar/granada. Hard to come by in my area. Thanks guys
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The only other option I can think of is to find an original disc setup from a 65-67.
Only by going 65-67 discs can you keep the spindles. I have everything to swap with the larger bearing spindles for around $650 + shipping. These are the 70-73 Mustang/Granada/Mav/Comet ones. Some of it, you can possibly get locally, so if you want the basic spindles, I can give you the list. Sandblasted spindles w/ dust shields are $100, Calipers are $35 each+$7 core charge. Everything else is just bolt-in and parts house.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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