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Dry fuel filter

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Anyone know why when my 66 sets for a while, the fuel in the fuel filter drains out, I guess it goes back into fuel tank? I have glass fuel filter and I can see it.



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My 69 does this too. I think the fuel boils in the line from the heat when the car sits and cools down.


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asked this on forum year or so ago and got no answer. my opinion is the seals in the fuel ump in/out valves are degraded. sent this same question to mechanic at "AutoRestorer" and he agreed. i will evenually replace my '68 6-cyl and see if it goes away - will post results. by the way it takes mine about 2-days to go down. agree that it is nothing to worry about since my car starts up first try even after sitting for 2 weeks or so - i have seen bowl fill up in a few seconds of running starter.
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