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My Grandmother purchased my 66 Conv. from a San Jose, CA dealership. It had just come from the San Jose assembly plant. Thus it was equipped with the CA emissions package. The reason I say this, is because the emissions package is still working great. There are currently 66k+ original miles on it and it runs strong. I drive it to work 5-6 days a week, about 16 miles round trip. It was originally Wimbledon White, red interior, black (power) ragtop, with spoked hubcaps, GT steering wheel and GT grill/light package- (upgrades Grams made at purchase). Seven yrs ago it was painted Burgundy w/lite metal flake (not sure the name, but was stock color that yr w/out the flake of course). Still has ORIGINAL interior. Except for the vinyl on the front buckets. But frames/ springs original. Just put a new skin/pads on the ragtop, thanks to a moving company that shipped the car back from Northern NJ to CA. They dropped a ladder through the top in transit. So I upgraded to a glass bi-fold rear window. Love it.
The previous posts involving “66Vintage…exhaust upgrades was great. I was going to ask;”

-What are the “pros” and “cons” to upgrading to "Dual Exhaust"? I am NOT an "engine guy". I do know it is a V8 289 2Brl. Will the emissions equipment also be a factor?

- I also want to replace both front and rear bumpers. Neither is original. So I'm not going to re-chrome. Problem...Is this a project I can do myself? I Have the tools, and have already tackled the front seats and the heater core. What a pain that was!
However, is it better/easier to just have a "body shop" or such, do it for me?

Any advice you can give would be much appreciated.

On a downer note, 2 days ago, someone felt compelled to severely KEY the driver’s side from end to end and ½ the hood as well as slash both left side tires. Strangely (thankfully), they did not cut the top to break in. They used a hanger.

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Hey Mike – welcome to the forum! You certainly don't have to be an "engine guy" to fit in around here – but odds are you'll turn into one! ;)

Yes – dual exhaust will benefit your car. The basic idea is that the spent gasses (the exhaust) can leave the engine more efficiently. There are 2 exits instead of only 1.

The other benefit (and the more popular one) is the pleasing sound dual exhausts produce. It doesn't necessarily have to be loud at all – that's just a lot of folks' prefference. Do a search here on the forum for past posts on the subject. The muffler choice has everything to do with sound and performance. I'm affraid I don't know how the emissions stuff will factor in...

Bumpers are super-easy. Look inside your trunk for the rear bolts, and underneath the front bumper for those. A basic socket set is all you'll need. Actually, it's a great beginner project to build that confidence! Give yourself a couple hours and you'll have beautiful new chrome out front and back!

Sounds like you have a great low-mileage car, too! But I'm having trouble imagining burgundy exterior going very well with red interior! :p
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