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Hey Mike – welcome to the forum! You certainly don't have to be an "engine guy" to fit in around here – but odds are you'll turn into one! ;)

Yes – dual exhaust will benefit your car. The basic idea is that the spent gasses (the exhaust) can leave the engine more efficiently. There are 2 exits instead of only 1.

The other benefit (and the more popular one) is the pleasing sound dual exhausts produce. It doesn't necessarily have to be loud at all – that's just a lot of folks' prefference. Do a search here on the forum for past posts on the subject. The muffler choice has everything to do with sound and performance. I'm affraid I don't know how the emissions stuff will factor in...

Bumpers are super-easy. Look inside your trunk for the rear bolts, and underneath the front bumper for those. A basic socket set is all you'll need. Actually, it's a great beginner project to build that confidence! Give yourself a couple hours and you'll have beautiful new chrome out front and back!

Sounds like you have a great low-mileage car, too! But I'm having trouble imagining burgundy exterior going very well with red interior! :p
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