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Does anyone know if a duraspark distributor out of a 77 I250 would fit either a 64 I170 or a 68 I200? I know that the 64 will not fit in the 63. They have different size shafts and the 64 is to big for the hole in the block. Any differences after 1964? Thanks,


I think I saw something the other day on this.
For the early motors with the smaller oil pump drive the remedy is changing to the later oil pump with the larger shaft diameter. Then you can use the late distributors.
Or you could just use a pertronix kit and make the whole job a lot easier.

one of the 6 Cyl guru's will know for sure

Greg B


Yes, the Duraspark will work fine in the 200 motor. As for the Pertronix, scrap that idea. For the same price you can get a much better distributor. I felt a noticeable difference between my Pertronix and my Duraspark II.

You might have a problem on the 170. Ford changed the oil pump shafts in '63 and again in '65. The Duraspark used the later '65 and up shaft which will only work with the corresponding oil pump. Unless you have a newer pump in place then I doubt it would work without changing it.


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