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Here is whats included:
-Fully rollerized case fill Dynamic C4 w/JW SFI 164t Bell (only dyno time) w/Reverse Manual ValveBody (optioned with no trans brake)
-Lokar flexible dipstick tube.
-9" Converter (Recently refurbished by UCC by Lenny) ~ 3500 stall on a 308
-Reactor Products 164t Flexplate, Currently neutral balance
-Holcomb motorsports plate to put B&M Pro Shifter in Fox Body Factory Shifter opening
-B&M Pro Shifter setup for Reverse VB Shift Pattern w/heavy duty shifter cable
-Brand new Trans Mount

I've had some questions, so I called Dynamic, the numbers you see painted on the unit are the line pressure numbers after running it on their dyno. This unit has a vasco input shaft, solid forward drums, coaling sp? steel direct drum, 5 pack in direct. reverse manual valvebody. I believe it has a 2.48 first gear. Said it would be good for low 9's.

This is priced very competitively, I just need to move this so I can finish another car.

Looking for $1500.00 plus the ride or Trade for a synchronized G-force T5 with all the extras, clutch cable, clutch, bellhousing, Shifter etc. Maybe be able to work something out if you don't have everything

Buyer is responsible for shipping if purchased outright. I will ship in a trade. I will do a dock to dock shipment or business to business on a pallet as well to help reduce shipping costs if that's what you want to do. Basically means I will take it to the trucking terminal in Seattle and they will truck it to the terminal nearest your location or your business and you pick it up there as well. if you want to get a quote for shipping tell them 98108, roughly 150 lbs. Pallet with Trans dimensions are 2 ft wide x 3 ft. long x 2 ft. tall. Seattle to Michigan was ~ $150.00 while Seattle to New York was ~ $194.00 Business to Business

I will separate these first for interested buyers, then reduce price for rest of package is something sells.

Reactor Billet Aluminum 164t Nuetral balance Flexplate $250 shipped
9" Converter reconditioned by Lenny @ UCC (164t bolt pattern) $300 shipped
B&M Pro Stick Shifter+Heavy Duty Cable+Holcomb plate $200.00 shipped Includes standard shift gate and reverse pattern gates.

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