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Hi, I'm cleaning out the extra restoration parts I have - if you are working on a 65 or 66 car - this might be a nice little assortment to help out:

All of the following parts are new reproduction items from VA Classic mustang, Some are Scott Drake, I prefer to send the entire pile to one person.

1 x Tail light body with correct socket includes:
Body gasket, body spacer clips, (nuts - if I have them still).

2 x Red Lens and 1 x mounting gasket

2 x Tail light doors - (these need the black paint touched up)

Truck key cylinder pad

2 x Parking light lens gasket

2 x Back up light to body seals

1 x Accellerator pedal

1 x used disc brake pedal pad and chrome surround

1 x use clutch pedal and chrome surround

2 x FG-1A fuel filters in box

2 x Watersheild for fastback doors

2 x Early 65 window cranks

2 x Early 65 door handles - interior

2 bags of headlight aiming screws and clips, etc

4 x plastic discs that go behind door handles/cranks

2 x seat track bolt hole plugs

Trunk board for left side of trunk well

$35.00 including ground shipping for everything above.

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I sent you a PM and E-mail. I am in Northern VA so probably would not need to ship

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