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early or late style Quarter reflectors on a 68

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I am just trying to figure out what style of side marker lights I need for my car. it is a 68 and I was told that there are two different types an early style and a late style.

I have one that is cracked up with a part number on it if that helps?
the part number is SAE-A68MG

what is the difference between the two styles?

thanks for the help

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IIRC, the late ones require an indention in the quarter panel. Early ones screwed on directly. Look at your quarters and you should be able to tell which ones you should put on.
I have indents on my quarters.

Don't know about the indent but if I recall early ones were trimmed in chrome, later ones were trimmed in paint same as the body color-might have it backards.

J. Boggs
You are correct. The screw on ones had chrome around them, the indented ones were painted body color.
Seems like I remember something about them changing the design in Feb. of the model year.
Early, late?
The early (first) 68's had the indent in the quarter panel and used the rectangular plastic with the outer bezel painter body color, except the Shelby's and my early 68 fstbk that have the chrome bezel. The late 68's, mid Feb., use the screw on Cougar style with the chrome bezel. This was done for cost purposes. Much cheaper to bolt on than recess the panel I quess.
'fishooks' is on the money.

pre 2-15-68 = recessed w\ body color trim, post 2-15-68 = bolt on w\ chrome trim. There was a UAW strike, had to lower costs....
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