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edelbrock int man. and carb. is new air clean need

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I will be installing a edelbrock 2121 intake manafold and 1406 carb.
Will I need to get a new air cleaner setup or will the footprint of the stock aircleaner fit on to and clear with the edlebrock?
Also what other parts are needed for the swap over?

I currently have a 289/2bb non electric choke with c4 trans.
I have come up empty on searches.
Thanks for the help.
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Better check your vertical clearance. When I installed my manifold/carb, I used the cobra oval air cleaner, there is very little clearance, and that unit is thin. I wouldn't be suprised that a stock air cleaner would give you an instant hood scoopp if you slammmed the hood!blkstlln
You'll probably need some throttle linkage parts. (I did on my 66-289) You'll need different fuel hose probably. (former entered on front, 1406 enters on passenger side) I don't know on air cleaner for 67, I put one on the 66 though.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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