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Edelbrock Performer Rpm Package

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Has anyone out there in this vast land of Mustangs ever used the Performer RPM intake and cam setup? I'm freshening up a 1983 5.0 out of a mustang to put in my 68 convertible with a 4 speed and 3.50 traction-loc. The specs on the cam look a bit more then what I want to use for just cruising around. I would like some lope at idle but I don't want to shake my teeth out either. Gas mileage is NOT a concern here [my 2001 Super Duty V-10 only gets 11-12 MPG, gas mileage what gas mileage] as it's only to play with. It will have headers and duals with a 600 Holley with minor porting on the heads. Thanks in advance. OZ
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I ran the Performer RPM cam, intake and a 1407 on my street strip motor for 4 years. After porting my heads I got a best of 13.31 at 104. With more stall it would have run around a 13 flat I think. Its a great set up with some lope but it won't shake you to death and you have good idle vacuum also.

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Sweet little setup. I had the rpm cam and intake on my 289. It was a nice setup, sounded good and performed good. It is not too radical of cam, and the bottom end isn't too rough being a dual plane manifold.

11-12 MPG. Wow that's 351W setup is a little on the radical side and around town, on a good day, i might get around 7-8.

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As a matter of fact, I have 66gt350's old package *LOL*. I actually have a better idle with the RPM cam than I did with my prior cam (a mild performance cam). I lost just a little off the line from the Perfomer setup I had before (to be expected), but at about 1500 RPM's, it opens up and screams.

It's a great package. I'm very happy with it. As 66gt350 and Hottarod said, it has a nice lope, but doesn't bounce you out of your seat.

BTW, this is in my daily driver. I drive it every day, rain or shine.

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