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Is anyone interested in an Edelbrock interactive tuning chart with writeup?

  • It's nice work, but an old topic that everyone already knows about.

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Edelbrock Tuning

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I few years ago I worked through the process of tuning an Edelbrock Performer Series AFB with an O2 sensor taking notes along the way. I have a decent write up on the topic with all of the areas I worked on including: Initial Setup, Timing, Dist Recurve, Carb Tuning, Etc. and am thinking about making a post. One of the pieces to the puzzle is an interactive expanded Edelbrock Tuning Chart showing every possible rod and jet combination. Excel versions of these already exist in the wild, but this one is interactive. My question is if anyone is interested in this or is this old news everyone already knows about? Here is a peek showing the details of a particular rod and jet combination. Note that the rods are represented by the lines and the jets are the symbols on the chart with the color representing options for a particular jet in that area:

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If you can couple that with VERY simple directions to ensure success, then yes. It's a very helpful resource, but people that are not into tuning will look at that and glaze-over. What's missing are the basics of what you are doing with that info. The goals, what it's for, and how it helps. To be useful, your poll needs a 3rd or 4th choice. Good luck!
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Likewise for the springs, some simplified help as to why 14°, why 28°, and why at 2400 rpm? This is the missing-link info users really need. ;)
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